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PIC Leasing, intermodal containers, Hazardous Waste Transportation

PIC Leasing

PIC Leasing owns a fleet of intermodal containers which can be leased for the transportation of either hazardous or non-hazardous waste. Our 700 container fleet is specially designed to be used for transporting heavy waste of 65-100 pounds per cu. ft. per container.   PIC Leasing has been in business for fifteen years and supplies containers to locations in North America for site remediation and industrial waste products.

PIC Leasing maintains and refurbishes containers at our shop in Gum Springs, Arkansas which is about 75 miles SW of Little Rock, Arkansas.  Most of our leasing agreements include a maintenance component thereby extending the life of PIC Leasing containers.  Our experience is that by maintaining our own containers the customer is better satisfied, the container appearance remains acceptable and the containers last longer.  PIC Leasing is willing to set up a shop on or near a customer’s site to perform this maintenance service.  Our goal is to maintain containers to a level such that customers never have to be concerned with latches, doors, lids or the roll-off components.

PIC is always very competitive on rates and can quote on short or long term needs. Our rates can be structured on a daily or monthly basis.  The rate is dependent on the length of term and whether the customer desires a maintenance program as part of the lease.

  • Competitive Rates
  • Complete service plans for maintaining containers in peak condition
  • Short or long-term lease agreements

Our Gum Springs facility is capable of the full range of service, including:

  • Custom Painting
  • Damage Repair
  • Container Modifications
  • Radio Frequency Tagging
  • Placard/Decal Installation
  • Winterizing